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Ray Traced Anisotropic PSTM

Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration (KPSTM)
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Prestack Time Migration (KPSTM) is an excellent imaging tool in situations where strong or very complex subsurface velocity fields are not expected. New implementations are capable of imaging very steep dips in excess of 90° and account for anisotropy.

KPSTM is a full Kirchhoff diffraction summation algorithm that includes advanced anti-aliasing filters and is capable of imaging turning waves. Travel times are computed with our anisotropic 1D ray tracer through the velocity model.

This effectively accounts for  all (offset) orders of  moveout and is capable of accurately imaging extremely large offset, very steep dips and remain AVO friendly

Anisotropy is easily incorporated into this algorithm further enhancing its usefulness. A unique feature is the ability to account separately for large offset effects and the true earth anisotropy.

PSTM gathers are still the industry standard for AVO and attribute work. Their reliability, speed and robustness compensates for the simplifying assumptions used.

Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration (KPSTM)
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Anisotropic PSTM (A-KPSTM)
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pdfOrthorhombic HTI + VTI Wide Azimuth Prestack Time Migration© (presented at SEG, October, 2010)

pdfAnisotropic Seismic Depth Migration to aid Tight Gas Prospectivity in the Mountain Front region of the Anadarko Basin© (presented at SEG, October, 2009)

pdfCase Study: Turning Ray Prestack Time Migration with Raytraced Offset-Dependent Velocities© (presented at SEG, September 2007)
Ray Traced Anisotropic PSTM


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